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Parents will be required to screen children at home daily, by monitoring their temperature. If children have a fever, it would be required that they stay at home and that the Centre be informed immediately. Children will also require their own masks and hand-sanitizer and both parents and children will be required to adhere to hygiene and safety standards and procedures. 


It is important that parents cooperate in order to ensure the safety

of all children, staff and visitors to the Centre.

By making use of the services of St. Francis Educare Centre, parents must acknowledge the potential risk of exposure to the COVID-19 virus and therefore undertake not to keep staff or management liable in the unfortunate event of this happening.

Letter from the Principal

Dear Parents,

The circumstances of current events is new to all of us. We as the staff assure you that we will continue to do our utmost to act in the best interest of all children, parents and those involved.

Aunty Geraldine 

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